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Lhegendary Wedding Ceremony

(Rehearsal attendance included if available.)

Listen, your guest really came for the party. I'm clear on that. But surprise, surprise. Your ceremony was one that they will have fond memories of for years to come. It was no surprise to you though, because once we had our initial consultation, the three of us knew that I was going to treat you like family and give you the wedding ceremony you two deserve.

As your wedding Officiant, I take that responsibility very seriously. I will craft a wedding ceremony that captures the energy and essence of your relationship and tells your story, and leaves everyone saying, “That was one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever been to!” and "How long have you known your Officiant?"

If you are looking for a ceremony that is unique, and endearing, that focuses on who you two are and what you want, and delivered by someone who loves what they do, then let’s work together to create your perfect wedding ceremony!
For me, being your Officiant goes way beyond showing up and saying a few words. 

•    Craft a personalized ceremony, incorporating all elements and changes desired
•    Keep open communication, responding to inquires posthaste
•    Attend & partner with Wedding Coordinator on flow of ceremony during rehearsal If available 
•    Arrive no later than 1 hour before ceremony
•    Perform the wedding ceremony 


The process begins with a questionnaire I have developed to extract all the information needed to craft your ceremony, and speak to your love story. The questionnaire will also nudge you to think about elements you may not have thought about including in your ceremony. 
Once your ceremony script is crafted, I deliver it to you, and we will go through as many revisions as you need to make this day exactly what you want it to be. This is YOUR DAY!

Contact me today to setup a pressure-free consultation!

Ceremony Script Writing

Already have a friend or family member in mind to officiate your ceremony?

Want to take some of the pressure off you and them to come up with the words and flow of the ceremony? 
Based on your responses to my questionnaire, I will craft a beautiful ceremony script with as many revisions as you need to get it feeling just right.

The script comes with tips for your Officiant, so they are prepared to do the best job possible.
This is your day, and your script! You can add in whatever you desire as far as elements, readings, prayers and music. You’ll benefit from my writing experience as well as my Officiating experience. Having this experience, I will make suggestions to inspire you and enhance your experience, helping you have the day you dreamed of.

Contact me today to setup a pressure-free consultation!


Premarital Counseling​

Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. There are conversations that could set you up for success just by having them now. When we meet, we will go through my comprehensive checklist of topics to make you aware of the conversations and needs of your partner that need to be kept in the forefront. Understand that my counseling sessions delve into deep layers that can make you uncomfortable. My couples trust me enough to be vulnerable and speak candidly. It's the only way the session works to provide you what you need.

Contact me today to setup a pressure-free consultation!

You Deserve A Lhegendary Wedding!

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